Pinwheel Ornaments – Debbie Wise
1 hour, Kit Fee $5.00 for all supplies to create a pinwheel with complete instructions.  Bring large darning needle,
thread optional or available in class.

Snap Bag – Barbara Oros
One hour class Kit Fee $5.00 with written instructions to complete bag at home.
This versatile bag is easy and inexpensive to make.  The demonstration will show all the steps necessary to complete a
bag including the essential items used to make the bag “snap” when opening or closing.  Participants may purchase a kit
along with written instructions to complete a bag at home.

Explosion Box – Barbara Oros
1 hour class.  $5.00 kit fee with written instructions for each person signing up for the class. This papercraft item can be used for many occasions.  The 4” x
4” box is made from layers of cardstock and when the lid is removed the layers fall open to reveal whatever theme you wish to present – wedding, birthday,
new baby, etc.

Kimono Cardigan - Rose Turner
I have 5 kits available containing between 2.5 and 3 yards of fabric. ONE HOUR (info as of 12-20-2017 by Terri Lyon.)

Memory Wire Bracelet – Rose Turner
Kit Fee $5.  Come make a fun bracelet!

Neck Warmer – Terri Lyons
1 Hour class.  Bring your own fabric as listed below and machine as few are available on site.
This winter collar will be a favorite during our cold weather, (assuming we get some!).  I have made it in fleece and flannel and in fleece
and a fashion fabric. Both fabrics are visible.  Fabric required: ¾ yard of 2 woven fabrics, ½ yard of batting, OR ¾  yard of woven (flannel,
homespun, wool)  or  1/3 yard of stretch (fleece, knit),; Thread to match,  one button.  You may bring your own machine or use one that
has been provided.  

Recycled/Upcycled Sewing – Kathy Phillips
1 hour.  Bring note pad and pencil/pen.
Learn how to look at the items we so often throw away and see if they can be made into something useful and keep them out of the landfill.  This will be a
show and tell and how to class.  Lots of samples and ideas.  Bring your own ideas too if you have something to show that is made from something else.   

Creative Woven Fabric Strips – Charlene Newlin
1 hour.  $1.00 printed reference sheets.
Embellish with project pizazz.  A demonstration will explore various ways to use woven fabric strips in your sewing projects—purses, vest, jacket inset yoke,
place mat, coasters, storage containers, etc.  Stash Buster ideas
CollapsibleThread Catcher – Judy Loyd
1 hour.  Kit Fee $5.00
Make a portable thread catcher that collapses into pocket size for easy transportation. This is an easy hand-sewn project using running and whip stitches.
Students need to bring basic sewing supplies:  needle, thread, scissors, and pins.

Bound Buttonholes --Not your grandmothers ordinary buttonholes  – Shirley Porter
1 hour   Demo and samples. Bring pad and pencil/pen for notes
Demonstration of making many variations of bound buttonholes

T-shirt necklace – Veretta Osborne
1 hour Hands on class.  Bring a T shirt and scissors

Bandana Necklace – Veretta Osborne
1 hour Hands on class.  Bring a bandana and scissors.  Very little machine sewing. Machines will be provided.

Figit Dolls – Dorothy McCullough
1 hour   no kit fee or instructions.  Demonstration  only. 

Sewing With Plastic Grocery Bags CLASS CLOSED
Learn to use plastic grocery bags as fabric in this hand's on class.  Supplies: usual sewing supplies plus scissors parchment paper and zippers, velcro, or

Quick and Easy Denim Clutch – Nancy Reis
1 hour. A demonstration with instructions with pictures.
When you need a small purse to hold your phone and a couple credit cards & cash, here’s an easy one that will protect your phone.
It’s made from your old denim you can recycle (or use new denim – you’re choice) with a fun embellishment that’s very easy, but looks great.  
Finished size is 9” x 6” so any phone will fit.  The picture shows the simple version you can make in about an hour.  Nancy will also show you how to add a
zipper pocket with credit card slots.  And if you add a wristlet handle or cross body strap, you have a great purse for shopping!  Quick to stitch at home and
whip one up really fast.  

Alphabetical List
All classes 1 hour unless listed differently
1.        Bandana Necklace   .
2.        Buttonholes not so common
3.        Collapsible Thread Catcher
4.        Creative Woven Fabric Strips
5.        Cross over body Bag - Simplified.
6.        Explosion Box
7.        Fidgit Dolls
8.        Kimmo Cardigan   
9.        Memory Wire Bracelet
10.      Neck warmer
11.      Pinwheel Ornaments
12.      Quick and Easy Denim Clutch
13.      Recycle/Upcycle Sewing
14.      Sewing With Plastic Grocery Bags
15.      Snap Bag
16.      Tee-shirt Necklace
Winter Workshop Class Descriptions